Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Yesssss!!!!!!! I am back!!!!!

Hello my Friends :-))
After 7 Weeks without an PC I am finally back again :-)))))
My Mainboard on my 12 Years old PC crashed and I must buy a new PC............and yesterday my Son brings me a new PC for an late Motherday-Present :-)) I am so happy!!!!!!!!
What have we all done in the Years before the PC´s came into our Live?????.......LOL
It was an really hard Time for me without Internet

But the good thing is : I had a lot of Time to make Tons of ATC´s and Cards and Videos....... :-))

Here are a few of my new ATC´s :

There are lots more to follow in the next Days....... :-))

and finally here is a new Video:

I hope you all like it :-))
Thanks for stopping by

Big Hugs
Hilde xxxxxx

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  1. So good to see you back here hun, and some pretty awesome ATC cards you´ve made here too. That is something I´ve never been really caught of, but I like to see them thoug, and apreciate the great work, you´ve put into them. They looks awesome.